Make The Switch

Make the Switch

When it comes to gaming on PC, your keyboard is your most important ally. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’ve got one that suits you and your play style. Just missing out on those wins? Does your current keyboard not keep up with your actions?

Then it’s time to switch up the story.

HyperX give gamers high performance equipment to make sure players can reach their best, and that was at the forefront of our minds when designing the HyperX range of keyboard switches.

There is only 1.8mm of travel distance between pressing the key and the press registering, making it one of the shortest on the market. This can make all the difference in high tension moments when speed is key. Being faster than your enemy means you come out on top.

HyperX key switches won’t let you down either, with a life span of over 80 million keystrokes, which is nearly double that of other manufacturers. This means your gaming companion is with you for the long haul, no matter the number of raids, bosses or enemy teams you take down. HyperX Switches will be with you again and again, helping you rise to glory.

HyperX Red switch

HyperX Red key switches are linear-style switches. Their name derives from the fact that when you press down, their travel path is just a line. They don’t have that “bump” other switch types use, to provide tactile feedback. Because linear switches don’t have to reset past a bump to detect a repeat press, you’ll enjoy the edge in speed if you’re playing something that requires double or triple-taps. The smoother movement of linear switches also makes these switches quieter than tactile and clicky switches.

HyperX Aqua Switch

HyperX Aqua key switches are tactile-style switches. Unlike linear switches, they have a slight bump in their travel path that helps gives the user confirmation of a keypress. Tactile-style switches fall between clicky switches and linear switches both in terms of their loudness and actuation force. They’re preferred by gamers who want a fast key switch, but prioritize accuracy over speed.

HyperX Blue Switch

HyperX Blue key switches are click-style switches with substantial audible and tactile feedback. Because they typically have a higher actuation force and higher reset positions, they may perform a bit slower in rapid-tap scenarios. If you’re a gamer, writer, or just someone who enjoys the satisfying feel and sounds of clicky switches, though, you won’t mind losing that little bit of speed.