Data Collection Notice

Data Collection Notice

NGENUITY is an application that enables you to take control of your gaming experience. From creating custom keyboard macros to synchronizing lighting effects across your HyperX ecosystem, NGENUITY allows you to immerse yourself in whatever adventures may come your way.

We’re all gamers here at HyperX, and we want to help you on your quest (or mission or objective). One way we’re able to do that is by making sure NGENUITY and its updates serve your best interests. We make improvements to NGENUITY by collecting necessary data through Google Analytics. Certain features may require additional data that is not mentioned in the HP Privacy Statement. The additional information collected (and the way that we use it) is described in this data collection notice.

Additional Data May Include:

HyperX Product Information
We collect product IDs, firmware version information, and configurations from all HyperX products connected to NGENUITY.

System Information
In order to better understand the interactions between software and hardware, we collect information such as operating system versions and builds, operating system regions, system memory, and motherboard types.

NGENUITY Application Usage
We also collect information about which features are utilized within the software and events that may be triggered by those features. This helps us figure out what our users really want out of NGENUITY and which aspects of the software we should be focusing on.

Error Reports
Some of the most useful data we collect comes from NGENUITY crash reports. Our engineers use this information to create bug fixes and prevent future issues.

Third Party Sharing
Don’t worry, your analytics-based secrets are safe with us. HyperX and HP do not sell or share your data to any third parties.