Caster - Microphone and Camera Arm

Caster - Microphone and Camera Arm

  • Toolless adjustment
  • Compatible with most standard mics and cameras
  • Built-In cable management
  • Flexible internal spring-assisted movement
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Simple, toolless solution for a smooth streaming setup.

The HyperX Caster Microphone and Camera Arm is a great piece of kit for streamers and content creators. It features a fully toolless installation[4] for a streamlined, simple setup process, so you can skip the frustrating step of trying to hunt down the right screwdriver or wrench when you just want to make a simple adjustment. Get smooth, internal spring-assisted movement to position your microphone[1] or camera[3] just where you want it. HyperX Caster won’t just keep your equipment in place, the convenient built-in cable management[2] will also keep your cables organized and out of sight.

Toolless adjustment

Compatible with most standard mics and cameras[1]

Built-In cable management[2]

Flexible, internal spring-assisted movement

Compact, space-saving design

Durable construction

Simple, toolless setup

The first[4] toolless microphone arm on the market! Save yourself the hassle of hunting down the right wrench or screwdriver. It also has a quick-release mounting clamp for toolless teardown.

Compatible with most standard mics and cameras[3]

Upgrade the quality of your content by getting your mic or camera steadily positioned at your ideal angle. Caster supports up to 2.2 pounds (1kg) and features 3/8in. threading plus 5/8in. and 1/4in adapters.

Clutter-free cable management[2]

Built-in cable management allows you to tuck cables out of view and into the cable channel. Ensure your cables stay untangled and keep your setup looking clean and tidy!

Easy positioning with spring-assisted movement

Get your microphone or camera positioned just as you like it with the HyperX Caster’s internal spring-assisted adjustment, 360° movement at the base, and up to 36.1in. of horizontal reach.

Space-Saving Design

Save valuable desk space by mounting your camera or microphone onto the Caster. The compact, sleek design helps keep your work area free of clutter.

Durable Construction

This toolless mount is built to last, using high-quality materials to ensure reliability and withstand the demands of daily use in dynamic environments.

Cable Management

Cable management channel with cover
Caster Microphone and Camera Arm, C-Clamp for desktop mount, 3/8in. to 1/4in. Adapter, 3/8in. to 5/8in. Adapter, Quick Start Guide.
2-year limited warranty